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Fits Polaris Sportsman 570 - Models 2014-2023.

  • Dual 1-1/2 Inch Twin Custom Air Box Plate                                                         Snorkel lids installed on every snorkel top
  • Schedule 40 Riser Construction
  • Heavy Duty Black Rubberized Coated
  • Kit comes complete with detailed instructions and color pictures for an easy installation.

Polaris Sportsman 570 (2014-2023) Snorkel Kit is for models with or without power steering. With this kit you will not have to drill holes in your air box; it includes our Go Deep Snorkels twin 1 1/2 inch air box plate that uses your existing screw holes and screws in your air box lid. This kit is like no other on the market. This kit is 100% bolt on kit with no gluing required. It comes with 4 big 2 inch snorkel stacks for front box installation. The aluminum mounts make your snorkel stacks very secure with the 16 bolts they come with. With this kit you can choose your own mounting location for the snorkel stacks on top of your front box (See pictures for some installation options). Comes with heavy duty rubber boots for all hook up points. This kit has been tested in very extreme conditions and is very reliable in any conditions.